MIDI length in QB 4.5 
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 MIDI length in QB 4.5

Hi all,
  I am using the background MIDI player by Mike Huff that is in the July
1996 ABC packet.
  It works fine, except that there is no way to tell how long the file
plays (how many seconds the file is playing before it's done).  Does
anyone know a routine to read the playing length of a MIDI file in
QuickBasic 4.5?

  Also, Mike Huff's player will only play files up to 32k in size.  This
is undoubtedly due to the memory restraints of QB.  If anyone knows a
workaround, knowledge of it would be appreciated.

  Thanks in advance,
Very funny Scotty!
Now beam down my clothes!

Sun, 27 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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