BETTER BASIC - old Basic Language Compiler 
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 BETTER BASIC - old Basic Language Compiler

: any other lost souls using BETTER BASIC -
: a language we started working with back about 10 years ago....
: It was pretty great back then - then got sold to a German company -
: and now we are up the river....
: Phil - Chicago

I used BETTER BASIC from '86 - '89.  It was a nice step up from GW-BASIC.
However, like you pointed out, it was sold to a German Company.  I still
do some contract work with BETTER BASIC and would appreciate any current
information you have regarding support or upgrades.  Thanks.

Ed - Eden Prairie, MN            

Sat, 12 Jul 1997 04:17:43 GMT  
 BETTER BASIC - old Basic Language Compiler

we are stuck in that we have our entire order entry system written in it - and continue to use it...
we have 33 locations that create files that get uploaded at night...
we use the interface to Btrieve for the file I/O...
converting to a newer language would be a nightmare - with the different schemes for storing numerics.

oh - well - some day we will have to bite the bullet.
Phil - Chicago

Sun, 13 Jul 1997 13:10:17 GMT  
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