QB 4.5 Maximum No. Of Files Opened simultaneously 
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 QB 4.5 Maximum No. Of Files Opened simultaneously

I have just had my hard disk fdisked and had Windows 95 and the rest of my
software reinstalled by our "I.T." dept.
(company policy).  Many of my QB 4.5 programs (both compiled & in the QB45
environment) which have numerous
files opened at once now crash with bad file number/name error,  which ran
perfectly before the reformat.
If I break part the way through the program & do LOF(1) & do LOF(1) again
after opening another file
I get the bad file number/name error again.  I know there was a limit
The code is quite complex so I have written a small program which loops and
just opens files & I can only open 15 at any one time.
Can this number be increased.
I have tried adding files=51 in CONFIG.SYS both conventinally and via
I know that some DOS programs won't run with FAT32 but my disk is FAT16
            Any suggestions would be extremely grateful.
My I.T. dept. can't help as they don't support QB 4.5. (They don't support
much quite frankly).

                                                        Phil Edwards

Mon, 03 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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