read/write directly disk sectors. 
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 read/write directly disk sectors.


>How is possible in basic read or write directly absolute sectors of disks=
> ?

With interrupt calls.

>Linking routines in ASM or C ?

Not necessary.

>Who have material about ?

You will need...

1. Documentation for your version of BASIC

2. Documentation for these calls:

ints 25h/26h. DOS absolute sector read/write for drives up to 2GB and
FAT16 file systems. Note: QucikBASIC 4.5 has a problem with these
calls when running in DOS 5+.

int 21h ax=7305h, 7306h. Same as above for FAT32 file system

int 13h. BIOS disk i/o

Find in Ralf Brown's Interrupt List ( - ralf has
moved but this link will still get you to his page) among other

3. You will need to understand IN DETAIL any file systems you will be
working with.

I think there are some examples of some of these calls in the ABC
packets (

BTW, outside of some anti-virus and data recovery applications, I
can't think of any good reason for doing sector level disk i/o.


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