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 Source code: SORTINT.ASM

; SORTINT.ASM - assemble with MASM 5.1 or compatible assembler
;             - for QB4.x / PDS
;             - written by Brian McLaughlin. Released to public domain.
; This SUB sorts an array of integers, using the Combsort
; algorithm. You pass it the first element of the array,
; and the number of elements to sort. In this way, SortInt can
; be used to sort a only a part of an integer array, if desired.
; The sorted order is ascending.
; DECLARE SUB SortInt (SEG ArrayFirstElement%, NumOfElements%)
; Example:
;          FirstElem% = LBOUND(IntArray%)
;          TotalElem% = UBOUND(IntArray%) - FirstElem% + 1
;          SortInt IntArray%(FirstElem%), TotalElem%

    Gap    DW ?       ; put variable in code segment

    Mov BX, Elems     ; point BX at Elements
    Mov CX, [BX]      ; CX = Elements
    Jcxz SortExit     ; gee, no elements to sort!
    Mov BX, CX        ; BX = Elements
    Mov Gap, CX       ; copy it into Gap, too
    Lds SI, Addr      ; point DS:SI at first element
    Push DS
    Pop ES            ; point ES at array's segment
Do:                   ; calculate the value of Gap into AX/memory
    Push BX           ; save BX, we're gonna trash it
    Mov AX, Gap       ; AX = current value of Gap
    Xor DX, DX        ; prepare DX to receive any rotated bits
    Mov CX, 3         ; we'll shift all bits left 3 positions
    Shl AX, 1         ; multiply (Gap * 8) into DX:AX
    Rcl DX, 1         ; catch any carried bits
    Loop MultBy8      ; go around CX times
    Mov BX, 11        ; dividing by 11
    Div BX            ; divide DX:AX by 11
    Or  AX, AX        ; AX holds quotient, so see if AX = 0
    Jnz CalcDone
    Mov AX, 1         ; if Gap < 1 then Gap = 1
    Mov Gap, AX       ; leave newly calculated value in Gap
    Pop BX            ; restore BX
    Xor DX, DX        ; set switch to zero
    Mov CX, BX        ; CX = Elements
    Sub CX, AX        ; CX = the FOR loop counter (Elements - Gap)
    Mov DI, AX        ; DI = Gap
    Shl DI, 1         ; convert DI into a memory offset
    Add DI, SI        ; point DS:DI at Array%(J%)  [I%+Gap%]
    Push BX           ; Save value of Elements
    Push SI           ; save offset of first element
    Mov BX, [DI]      ; load BX with value at DS:DI [Array%(J%)]
    Lodsw             ; load AX with value at DS:SI [Array(I%)]
    Cmp AX, BX        ; same as IF AX > BX THEN
    Jle IfEnd         ; if AX <= BX, then skip ahead
    Stosw             ; puts AX into ES:DI (points to Array%(J%))
    Sub DI, 2         ; the Stosw added 2, but we want to do that manually
    Mov [SI-2], BX    ; puts BX into Array%(I%)  [Lodsw inc's SI+2]
    Inc DX            ; set switch to a non-zero value
    Add DI, 2         ; point DI ahead in tandem with SI
    Loop For
    Pop SI            ; DS:SI points to first element of array
    Pop BX            ; BX = Elements
    Or  DX, DX        ; did we swap any elements?
    Jnz Do            ; if we did, go around again
    Mov AX, Gap
    Cmp AX, 1         ; does Gap = 1?
    Jne Do            ; if not, go around again
SortInt ENDP

Brian McLaughlin, Technical Writer  |"Thanks to the Internet, misinformation
Integrated Measurement Systems, Inc.| now travels faster than ever before!"
Beaverton, OR, USA                  | ---- Standard disclaimer applies ----

Sat, 24 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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