Overcoming MS Qbasic 4.5 serial comm. bug 
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 Overcoming MS Qbasic 4.5 serial comm. bug

I understand from Microsoft's Knowledge Base that there exists a bug in
the version of Qbasic that I am using.  The bug manifests itself in
causing the program to hang (after a few minutes, hours...) when there is
no apparent problem.

It involves an "I/O Error", and I the program I have written is falling
into this trap.

The question I have is: can anyone suggest methods around this (3rd party
software libraries, perhaps a different compiler)?

The timeline I have is very short - I need to have a stable program by
this Friday the 21st because it is being used in an athletic competition.

I would greatly appreciate any help, especially from those who have been
through the same grind that I am going through.


Fri, 02 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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