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 "NEED CASH $$$$$ READ HERE $$$$$"



Would you like to make thousands of dollars quickly, legally, and with NO


Then keep reading... please take five minutes to read this article in

its entirety... it will chage your life.  It has certainly changed mine!

You can make up to, or over, $50,000 in only 4-6 weeks.  I know, it

sounds like a scam, BUT IT'S NOT A SCAM... READ ON! Really, if you're

interested, keep reading; if you're not, please don't let me waste any

more of your time.

        OK, still with me?  A little while back, I was browsing through these

newsgroups, just like you are now, and I came across an article similar

to this that said you could make thousands of dollars in only weeks with

an initial investment of ONLY $5!  And, like you, I thought "Yeah,

right, must be a scam..."  But, I was intrigued... like most of us

are... and so I kept reading.  Anyway, the article said that you were to

send $1.00 to each of the 5 names and addresses listed in the article.

You then placed your own name and address and the article in at least

250 newsgroups... there are thousands!... no catch... that was all you

had to do.

        So after thinking it over and talking to a few friends first, I decided

to try it... after all, if it really was a scam all I would loose would

be my $5 and the cost of 5 stamps, right?  Well, guess what... within 7

days, I started getting money in the mail... NO kidding! I have to tell

you, I was surprised to say the least.  I still figured it would end

soon and didn't give it too much thought.  But then money kept coming

in... tripling in numbers and multiplying by 10 and 20 times the amount

that I got the first week!  In my first week I made about $20 or $30.

But by the end of the second week, I had made a total of over $1,000!!

In the third week, I had over $10,000, and it's still growing.  This is

my fourth week and I've made about $42,000 TOTAL.. and the money is

still coming in.

        Let me tell you how this works and more importantly, WHY it works...

also, make sure you print a copy of the article so you get the

information off it and can begin making money yourself.  The process is

very simple and it consists of just 3 EASY steps:

        STEP 1:  Get 5 separate pieces of paper and write the following

statement on each sheet of paper... "PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST.

YOU ARE NUMBER ___"  (To do this, you paid for the service and made a

investment.  And make this legal.  Then all people which check the

newsgroupes will trust you and it makes your investment work in the

net.)  Get five $1.00 bills and place ONE inside each piece of paper

that you just wrote on and fold the piece of paper so the bill will not

be seen in the envelope (otherwise, nosey people who like to steal mail

with money in it will get yours!)  Put one folded note (with your $1.00

bill) inside the envelope and seal it.  Do the same for each of the five

names.  You should now have 5 envelopes sealed, EACH envelope has a

piece of paper with the message asking to be put on the mailing list and

a $1.00 bill hidden inside the paper, right?  This is IMPORTANT... Make

sure you have written the message asking to be put on the paper... by

doing this you are creating a service and keeping everything PERFECTLY

LEGAL... Now, mail the 5 envelopes to each of the 5 addresses listed


1.  K. Doake, P.O Box 54016, Tulsa, OK 74155-0016

2.  J. Johnson, 6930 Oak Valley Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

3.  I. Chow, Suite 607-4944 Dalton Dr. NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada t3A


4.  Jun Zhou, 1132 W. Blaine St.  #102, Riverside, CA   92507

5.  Arthur Smilkstinsh, 10 Zemes St. Apr. 36 Riga, Latvia LV-1082

STEP 2:  Now take the #1 name off the list that you see above, move the

other 4 names up (5 becomming 4, 4 becomming 3, etc.) and put YOUR NAME

as number 5 on the list.  You can slightly alter this article if you

need to, editing what you feel you need to edit.

STEP 3:  Post your amended article... with your name as #5... to at

least 250 newsgroups (I'm told that there are close to 18,000 of them!)

and all you need is 250 or so, of them.

HOW TO DO THIS -- If you have Netscape 3.0 do EXACTLY the following:

        A)  Click on any newsgroup like you were going to look at it, then

click on "TO NEWS" which is on the far left when you're in the newsgroup

page.  This will bring up a box to type a message.

        B)  Leave the newsgroup box like it is.  CHANGE the Subject Box to

something flashy like ... "NEED CASH $$$ READ HERE $$$" ... or ... "FAST


        C)  Tab once, and you should be ready to type.  Now, retype (only once)

this entire article... WORD FOR WORD ... except to insert your name at

#5 and to remove #1 off the list, plus any other small changes you think

you need to make.  Keep almost all of it the same however!

        D)  When you're finished typing the entire article, click on FILE in

THIS box (just above the SEND button... NOT where it says NETSCAPE NEWS

on the first box)  Now click on SAVE AS in the dropdown menu.  Save your

article as a text file to your C: or A: drive.  DO NOT SEND OR POST YOUR

ARTICLE UNTIL YOU HAVE SAVED IT!  Once saved, move on to Step E below.

        E)  If you still have all of your text, send or post to this newsgroup

now by just clicking the SEND button (just below the FILE dropdown menu

and just above the C: button)

        F)  Here's where you're going to post to 250 or more, newsgroups

....OK... click on any newsgroup then click on "TO NEWS" ... again, in

the top left corner of your screen.  Leave the NEWSGROUPS BOX alone

again, put a flashy subject title in the SUBJECT BOX, hit TAB once and

you're in the body of the message.  Now click on the ATTACHMENT button

(just below the Subject Line) Another window will come up... click on

ATTACH FILE ... now find the file that you just saved in the previous

procedure.  Click ONCE on the file and then click OPEN and then OK.  If

you did this correctly you should now see your file name in the

Attachments Box and it will be highlighted.

IF YOU USE IE EXPLORER it's just as easy ... Holding down the left mouse

button, highlight this article.  Then press the "CTRL" key and the "C"

key at the same time to copy the article.  Then print the article for

your records to have the names of those you will be sending the $1.00

bills to.  Next, go to the newsgroups and press "POST AN ARTICLE".  A

window will open... type in your headline in the SUBJECT area and then

click in the large window below.  Press "CTRL" and then "V" and the

article will be placed in the window.  If you want to edit the article

you can do so and then highlight and copy it again (so your edited

article will be copied again and again to each newsgroup)  Now,

everytime you post the article in a new newsgroup all you have to repeat

is "CTRL" and "V" and press POST.

        G)  That's it!  Each time you do this, all you have to do is type in a

different newsgroup so you can post this message to 250 or more,

DIFFERENT, newsgroups.  I know, I know, ... you've still got 249 to go!

Don't worry, each successive article will only take about 30 SECONDS

once you get the hang of it.  Remember, 250 is the MINIMUM.. the more

you post, the more money you will make!


You are now in the mail order business and will start receiving your $1

envelopes from various people all over the world within days.  REMEMBER

.... the more newsgroups you post to, the more money you will make!  You

may want to rent a P.O. Box enventually because of all the mail.  If you

wish to stay anonymous, you can come up with a name, such as "manager"

or "investor" ... just make sure all the addresses are CORRECT please.

Now... let me tell you WHY this system works...

Out of every 250 postings, let's say I only receive 5 replies... doesn't

seem like much, does it?  However, you will make $5 cash... not checks

or money orders but CASH ... with your name at #5.

Each additional person who sent you $1 now also makes 250 additional

postings with your name at #4... this is 1000 postings.  On average

then, 50 people should send you $1 with your name at #4... that's $50

CASH in your pocket!

Now, these 50 new people will make 250 postings each with your name at

#3... that's 10,000 postings!  Average return would be 500 poeple...

that's $500.  Each of these people make 250 postings now with your name

at #2... that's 100,000 postings.. average 5,000 returns at $1 each is


Finally, 5,000 people make 250 postings each with your name at #1 and

you get a return of $60,000 before your name ddrops off the list!  And

that's only if everyone on the line made only 250 postings each...

REMEMBER ... the more postings you make, the more money you make!

When your name is no longer on the list, you can just take the latest

posting that is appearing in the newsgroups and send out another $5 to

the names on the current list, putting your name at #5 and start posting

again.  The thing to remember is this... thousands and thousands of

people all over the world are joining the Internet and reading these

articles every day... just like you are right now?!!  So can you afford

NOT to send out your $5 just to see if it works?!  I think NOT!

People have said, "What if the plan is played out and no one sends you

the money?"  So what!  What are the chances of that happening when there

are TONS of NEW honest users and NEW honest people who are joinging the

Internet and newsgroups every day and are willing to give it a try?

Estimates are at 20,000 to 50,000 users, EVERYDAY, with thousands of

those joining the actual Internet.  Remember, play FAIRLY and HONESTLY

and this WILL WORK .. I promise you.  You just have to be honest.  Make

sure you print this article out right now... also... try to keep a list

of eveyone that sends you money and always keep an eye on the newsgroups

to make sure everyone is playing fairly.  REMEMBER ... HONESTY IS THE


Good luck to all and please play fairly and you will reap hugh rewards

from this!

By the way, if you try to decieve people by postings the messages with

your name on the list and not sending the money to the people already on

the list, YOU WILL NOT GET MUCH RETURN!  Someone I talked to knew

someone who did just that and he only made $150 after 7 or 8 weeks!!

Then he sent the 5 $1.00 bills out.. people added him to their lists...

and in 4-5 weeks he had OVER $10,000!






My emails are:

If you have some question then email me please!!!

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