QB 4.0 Docs/QB 4.5 Wanted 
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 QB 4.0 Docs/QB 4.5 Wanted

I have a new client that has a considerable amount of code written for the
old BASCOM compiler, vintage 86 or so.  I've got to rework these programs,
so want to port them to QB for cleanup, recompilation, and redistribution.

To my dismay, I cannot locate the manuals to my venerable copy of QB 4.0,
so I am in the market for either:

A:  the complete set of manuals for QB 4.0


B:  a complete QB 4.5 with original disks and docs.

If you have either of these items available, email with the condition of
the books and your best price.  

Ron  (BASICally desparate) Ricketts

FMCS Worldwide             ||                Carrollton, TX
SCO Unix Networking    C++ Programming    Disaster Recovery      

Mon, 22 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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