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 basic graphix programming:e-mail list

Hello basic and  graphics programmers,

In one attempt to enhance basic I have setup
a mailling list about basic graphix programming.

Graphics seems to be one of the major
interests of basic programmers, yet they
are far behind the c community in the
implementation of basic technigues etc..

I have set up an e-mail list which will try
to bring together all kinds of graphics
programmers, with high level tutors: not
only people that can give you simple
answers about advanced problems,
but who can guide you through
a whole process of for instance making
a fast bmp loader/saver which uses
dubble buffering(of course), or using
animated gifs in basic, understanding
compression and 3d techniques, etc, etc...

Tutoring is maybe the best technique for
learning beyond a certain point.
If you are looking for a tutor, or think you
really want to help people make programs
like you yourself make(ie are not afraid for
the competition) you can subscribe to it by:

go to and
subscribe yourself to _basic  

or by sending e-mail to:

in the subjectindex....(in which case I
will subscribe you),

[After the first days already 9 subscibers..]

Wed, 06 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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