Announcing TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE Conference (TCS'99) 
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 Announcing TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE Conference (TCS'99)


Mark your calendar for the 16th annual event. The final Conference program
is available on the Web at:


Brochure requests and downloading the printed brochure can also be done
from this web site.

The detailed printed brochure is available. You may request the brochure


          16th International Conference and Exposition on

                Theme: Future Trends in Testing

                       June 14-18, 1999
         Washington, D.C. * Hyatt Regency (Bethesda) * USA
          (Conference: June 16-18; Tutorials: June 14-15)


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGSoft
American Society for Quality (ASQ) Software Division
IEEE Reliability Society
Software Technology Support Center (STSC)

Frontier Technologies, Inc.

U.S. Professional Development Institute


Message from Conference Chair, Genevieve Houston-Ludlam:

                    FUTURE TRENDS IN TESTING

Testing as a profession has progressed greatly in the past decade. The
widespread use of Object Oriented methodologies, third party components,
mobile computing, large and complex distributed systems of systems and the
Internet have permanently altered the testing landscape.

As the industry changes the way it does business, we will need to adjust
our approaches as well. Come see what is happening, both in the lab and in
the industry. Hope to see you at our forthcoming Conference.


                     ABOUT THE CONFERENCE


The Six{*filter*}th International Conference on TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE will
provide an opportunity to participate in the leading international
conference on software testing. The goal of the 1999 Conference will be to
explore which testing technologies we will need to take into the new
millennium and which ones we will not. Further, we will explore the
testing problems that accompany component-based design and what research
is needed to address these deficiencies. Learn how testing professionals
and experts have used advanced methods and testing applications to improve
the effectiveness of their testing, reduce testing costs and meet schedule
deadlines. Share your own experiences in testing with others. You will be
able to exchange knowledge and ideas with people from a wide variety of
environments and locations including those from industry, academia and
government from the United States and abroad.

Conference tracks will address topics concerning the management of
software testing, the application of a variety of software testing
techniques, testing case studies, and additional topics that will
introduce more advanced ideas.

This conference will provide essential information to all who are involved
with or have an interest in software testing. This includes not only
practitioners but managers and researchers as well.

The Six{*filter*}th International Conference on Testing Computer Software is
where testing practitioners and managers from the commercial and
applications software community can learn:

* The impact of increasingly complex software on testing
* Ways to improve the testing process
* Practical experience with the various techniques
* Which efforts have been most successful
* Which efforts have been least successful.

The conference brings together a set of experienced software testers to
share their experiences and what they have learned from them. You will
have the opportunity to hear about effective software testing techniques,
methods and technologies that have benefited the organizations where they
are used.


"What Has Software Testing Research Done For Me Lately, and What Will
    It Do For Me in the Future?" by Elaine J. Weyuker
"Operational Profiles -- Where Testing Is Going" by John D. Musa
"Software Testing in the Next Ten Years: The Ugly Duckling Grows Up"
   by James Bach
"To Automate or Not to Automate -- That Is the Question"
   by Mark Fewster
"The Future of Software Liability" by Cem Kaner
"Conference Reflections -- and a few surprises thrown in!"
   by Boris Beizer

PRE-CONFERENCE TUTORIALS (June 14-15) will present comprehensive technical
sessions for software testing practitioners:

 1. "Test Automation -- Starting Test Automation" by Mark Fewster
 2. "Practical Testing Approaches" by Simon Mills and Louise Tamres
 3. "Fundamentals of Internet/Intranet Application Testing"
     by Marnie Hutcheson
 4. "Java Testing" by Jonathan Beskin
 5. "Millennium Inspections: Advances in Software Engineering Quality
     Control" by Tom Gilb
 6. "Introduction to Software Test Management" by Dorothy Graham
 7. "Test Automation -- Automating Test Execution Successfully"
     by Mark Fewster
 8. "Foundations of Software Testing Techniques" by Boris Beizer
 9. "Survive and Prosper in Your "Risky" Test Environment"
     by Marnie Hutcheson
10. "More Reliable Software Faster with Software Reliability
     Engineering" by John D. Musa
11. "Risk Assessment in Software Projects" by Denis Meredith
12. "Inspection for Software Testers" by Dorothy Graham

CONCURRENT SESSIONS will be divided into four parallel track sessions,
presenting a variety of management, technical and advanced topics and

Choosing and Managing the Ideal Test Team
Creating a Testing Culture
Inspection Myths and Misconceptions
I've Been Asked to Review This Software Specification -- Now What
   Do I Do?
Risk Based Testing and Metrics
Evaluating Investments in Emerging Test Technologies
Optimum Software Testing: A New Paradigm Assessing Test Capability
Paradigms of Black Box Software Testing

The Ballista Software Robustness Testing Service
Test Adequacy Criteria for Component-Based Visual Software
Towards an Integrated Test Methodology for Advanced Communications
How to Misuse Code Coverage
Integration Testing of Procedural Object Oriented Programs with
Coupling-Based Analysis Techniques for Integration and Regression
   Testing and Maintenance of Object-Oriented Software
Measurements to Reduce Risk in Product Ship Decisions
Data Generation Techniques for Automated Software Robustness Testing

Creating a Highly Re-usable Test Infrastructure
The Evolution of Test Automation

Object-Oriented Software Testing:  Life-Cycle Perspectives
Moving from Conventional Testing to Object Oriented Testing

Testing in a Distributed Environment
Taking Advantage of Web Based Tools to Facilitate Test Execution
   and Documentation Process

Design and Implementation of a Java Test Driver
Lifecycle Testing of a Critical Java-based Financial Application

Program-Based Testing, Debugging and Maintenance
Validation Testing of Cryptographic Modules Against a FIPS Standard

Graph Theory Techniques in Model-Based Testing
Industrial Application of Model-Based Testing

A Cradle to Grave Testing Repository
Automated Requirements Tracking

Testing Real-Time Distributed Systems-Concepts and Methods
Delivering High Definition TV to the USA -- Testing Subcontracted
   Embedded Real-Time Software

VENDOR EXHIBIT of products and services will provide valuable support
services and software information to your computer software testing

A set of conference proceedings, papers and view graphs will be provided
to each participant of the Conference. These materials are useful not only
during the Conference as learning guides, but also as useful references
when the conference is completed.

The Testing Computer Software Conference will be held in suburban
Washington, D.C., USA, a major center for government agencies and
educational institutions. The Conference location will be the Hyatt
Regency Hotel in Bethesda, Maryland, easily accessible from interstate
highways or the Metro subway. There is a convenient subway stop beneath
the hotel with elevator access. Washington, D.C. is served by three major
international airports. The Washington area also offers many extraordinary
museums, memorials, parks and other attractions for visitors.

                              * * * * *

For additional information please contact:

Regular Mail: USPDI, 612 Ethan Allen Avenue, Suite 100; Takoma Park,
              MD 20912-5400, USA.
Phone:        301/270-1033
Fax:          301/270-1040

Web:           http://www.*-*-*.com/

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