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        I need some help from netters for a person living overseas.

dpi (no colour).  A number would be alotted to each one of these
images for recall later in a LAN environment. Upto 8 persons would
anotate the image (handwritten response to written text). The image
and text data go together from now on.

Once images are scanned and stored , they are not processed in any
way and standard parts of the image are accessed for listing to a

He is planning to use Microsoft Visual Basic Professionsal for DOS.

If you have any information or know of some place where I may direct my
queries to, I would be appreciate your help. I am not sure if I am
posting to the correct newsgroups! I am DOS illiterate (sorry!).

Thanks ...

Vyju Manian

Sat, 29 Mar 1997 03:52:00 GMT  
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