variables in awk AND esd? 
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 variables in awk AND esd?

I want to edit a script that writes the outout of the last-command into
a file, adding the hostname to each line.
No problem, so far, but that script is supposed to run on every
workstation we have. All hosts write their data into the same logfile.
So all old entries containing the hostname shall be deleted before the
new data is written to that file.
I used awk to create a new file with the new output of "last", adding
the hostname to each line.
I tried to use sed to delete all files containing the current hostname
in the log.txt file. But I can't use the variable "nameofhost" I
declared  in awk in the sed-part.

Can anybody please help me with that ?


Sun, 21 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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