YOPY palm-size - real 64k color, or 4k like pocketpc? 
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 YOPY palm-size - real 64k color, or 4k like pocketpc?


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Samsung Yopy
Posted March 22nd, 2000

There's been overwhelming interest from our users to dig for
more information on the new Linux-based PDA from
Samsung called the YOPY, so we've scoured the 'net in search
of some clues, and here's our report.


The YOPY is designed by a South Korean start-up called
GMATE Co., Ltd. which is composed of developers from LG,
Hyundai Electronics Co, and the Korea Advanced Institute of
Science and Technology (KAIST). Their main business focus
is developing mobile PDA style devices, putting their emphasis
on the research and development of next-generation devices.

The device was first code-named Chopin, but after some
branding and pre-marketing efforts they settled on the name
YOPY. The name is some Korean slanguage for "Young and
Full Of Cash" I'm sure. =) After its debut at CeBIT in Hannover
Germany, there has been tons of interest in the device on the
Internet, fueled by the sheer number of users that believe in
open-source development using the Linux platform.

The YOPY uses Mobile ARM-Linux as its operating system
because of its open-source development and the stability it
provides for free. It has a 4 inch, true colour backlit TFT LCD
touch-screen, capable of displaying 65,536 colours at a
resolution of 240x320. It has a USB port, a serial port, and
an IR (infrared) port to communicate with other devices. The
YOPY operates at 206MHz using a 32-bit ARM RISC processor,
and includes 32MB of RAM.

So what will you be able to do with it? It has an MP3 player,
optional digital camera (somewhat like the Casio JK-710DC
and Sony Vaio Notebook) plus the ability to play MPEG
movies, and of course, the YOPY has a built-in web browser.
On top of that, Mobile Linux's open-source design allows for
anyone and everyone to design free applications for it, from
games to utilities to anything you can imagine.

What more is there to say? Well the most important part is that
there is a scheduled release date of May 2000 here in North
America, and hopefully the unit won't run more than about
$400US. If you come across anything else to tell us about it,

let us know!

Also check out Yopy Video Footage and Yopy.org for more
information http://www.*-*-*.com/

Check here for specs.


Specs submited by Ms. Nadrell Evans

Fri, 22 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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