AWK Menu Program - Help Needed 
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 AWK Menu Program - Help Needed


Iam new to the awk programming. I have written a menu program in AWK.
It displays a menu and allows the user to opt an option.
After selecting an option, I want the program to invoke another shell
script or an awk script. For example, selecting an option1, will
execute: system(" . test_a_batch_job.ksh 4500 2>&1 t.log &")

Where test_a_batch_job.ksh is a shell script which can invoke an awk
script. For example, awk test_a_batch_job toid=$1 tor_02_03* > t.out

I do not get this working. I will welcome any suggestions from
anybody who might have done similar thing.

Second problem: grep -l 4500 tor_02_03* > files.dat

How could I pass all the files stored in files.dat into the
awk for the patten matching. Could It be done in one command?

Rdgs - Manjeet

Wed, 27 Aug 2003 14:58:52 GMT  
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