Using Variables in pattern matches 
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 Using Variables in pattern matches

I am using GNU's GAWK on a Windows NT Workstation.  I am
wondering if it possible to substitute a variable for a
regexp that I am searching for.  Here is an example of what
I would like to do.

I would like to turn

   if ($0 ~ /BR: 01/) {
   if ($0 ~ avariable) {

and then supply the value of avariable from the comand line.

I have tried the following:

  if ($0 ~ av) {
         print NR >> fname


I call this program using the following statement

gawk -fmy.awk -v av="BR: 01" -v fname="ranges.txt" r097.rpt

This does not work for me.  It does not produce any errors
it just doesn't produce any output either.  If I hard code
in the value of AV as in if ($0 ~ /BR: 01/) it works fine
and correctly uses the variable for the filename.

I am new to AWK/GAWK and feel it is just lack of knowledge
on my part.  Please forgive me if this seems like a trival
matter to more experianced users.

Thanks for your assistance


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Sat, 20 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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