Using Cat within AWK 
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 Using Cat within AWK


>I am writing an AWK script that will be creating a file from which I
>need to extract data.  I just need to be able to run the equivalent of
>"cat some_file.dat|awk '{print $5}'>test" from within AWK using the
>"system()" function.

Highly unlikely (and UUOC).

>I can't use the "getline" function because I am trying to do this from
>a "while" loop within a "while" loop and am reusing (overwriting) the
>same file over and over again.  It appears that the "getline" will run
>through the datafile2.dat file the first time, set the system variable
>to "0" (indicating end-of-file to "getline") and will not run through
>the file the next time the loop is executed.  The code format is
>something like this:

"man awk" and check the section on the close() command.

close() will clear the EOF condition on the file.

Sun, 01 May 2005 00:52:47 GMT  
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