public beta of next gawk release now available 
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 public beta of next gawk release now available

This note is to announce the BETA release of patch 5 to gawk 3.0. It is
available from The `5' in
`53' is for patch 5, the `3' indicates that this is the fourth (0-based)

A number of bugs have been fixed, almost all of which have been posted
previously.  The relevant part of NEWS is appended below.

Since it is a BETA release, I do not recommend installing it for
production use unless one of the problems listed below is really
hurting you.

On the other hand, why do a beta release? So that you, yes you, the end
user, can see if anything I've done breaks gawk for you.  Then you can
TELL ME ABOUT IT so that I can fix it for the final release.

I want patch 5 to be stable for the long term. PLEASE help me do that
by building and testing this release, and letting me know if there are
any problems.  Ultimately, it is yourself you're helping, as well as
every other gawk user, when you do this.


Arnold Robbins

Changes from 3.0.4 to 3.0.5

This is a bug fix release only, pending further development on 3.1.0.

Bugs Fixed:

 1. `function foo(foo)' is now a fatal error.

 2. Array indexing is now much more efficient: where possible, only one
    copy of an index string is kept, even if used in multiple arrays.

 3. Support was added for MacOS X and an `install-strip' target.

 4. [s]printf formatting for `0' flag and floating point formats now
    works correctly.

 5. HP-UX large file support with GCC 2.95.1 now works.

 6. Arguments that contain `=' but that aren't syntactically valid are
    now treated as filenames, instead of as fatal errors.

 7. `-v NF=foo' now works.

 8. Non-ascii alphanumeric characters are now treated as such in the
    right locales by regex.c.  Similarly, a Latin-1 y-umlaut (decimal
    value 255) in the program text no longer acts like EOF.

 9. Array indexes are always compared as strings; fixes an obscure bug
    when user input gets used for the `x in array' test.

10. The usage message now points users to the documentation for how
    to report bugs.

11. `/=' now works after an array.

12. `b += b += 1' now works correctly.

13. IGNORECASE changing with calls match() now works better. (Fix for
    semi-obscure bug.)

14. Multicharacter values for RS now generate a lint warning.

15. The gawk open file caching is now much more efficient.

16. Global arrays passed to functions are now managed better.  In particular,
    test/arynocls.awk won't crash referencing freed memory.
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Sun, 24 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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