GAWK: setting --re-interval from within the program 
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 GAWK: setting --re-interval from within the program


> Yes, I think that will work.  On a related note (and yet, completely
> different), I don't think there is any way to enable "re-interval"
> from within a program (script) or from a #! enabled script.  This
> bugs me and I have often wished that re-interval was on by default.
> isn't it???

From the gawk3.0.6 manual, here's why:

-W re-interval

Allow interval expressions (see Regular Expression Operators), in
regexps.  Because interval expressions were traditionally not available
in awk, gawk does not provide them by default. This prevents old awk
programs from breaking.

The functionality is also switched on by using the --posix command line
option or, what I think you need Kenny, by setting the environment
variable POSIXLY_CORRECT after which gawk works in full POSIX mode.

> Of course, I have the source, and I'm considering putting together a
> to have a "magic variable" in your script that would turn it on.

It would be useful to be able to set some options from within the BEGIN
block: I wonder why it has never been implemented?

Peter S Tillier
peter dot tillier at btinternet dot com
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Fri, 23 Jan 2004 14:19:34 GMT  
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