program and data via stdin 
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 program and data via stdin

Thanks guys,

The DOS AWK cam with a suite of free-ware programs from Dave Burton (I
think). It even has Turbo C 2 source code but I'm not getting into C
under Win32. Not enough time. It was originally written by Rob Duff of
Vancouver, BC.

The application is a "personal" text editor written in delphi and the
pipes have worked well for me so far. (It's personal because it has
lots of weird commands to suit the things I do, it's undocumented, and
it will never be released) I like the idea of memory to memory
transfers and no temporary files to clean-up. I was looking for an
alternative to implementing J-Script (don't have the necessary tool
for that either) as a means of producing add-hoc processing

Thanks again, I hear the drawing board calling,



>Boulton) writes:

>>I want to use GAWK as a filter for a Win32 app using anonymous pipes.
>>Is it possible to send the program followed by the text data to GAWK
>>by stdin, separating the two parts with some flag or token? I have a
>>DOS version of AWK which does just that. I was just hoping ...

>Which DOS awk does this?

>Anyway, you could use a line like "<DIVIDER>" to mark the end of the script and
>the beginning of the data, then use the script (I'll call it inline.awk)

>BEGIN { f = "scriptfile" }
>/^<DIVIDER>$/ { close(f); f = "datafile"; next }
>{ print > f }
>END { close(f); system("gawk -f scriptfile datafile") }

>in your pipeline as  gawk -f inline.awk  . I assume you need to do this often,
>the awk scripts coming through the pipeline differ significantly, and the only
>other Win32 tool available to you to separate the script from the data is
>QBasic. If so, the two-step gawk approach may be the lesser of evils (QBasic's
>unpleasant for text processing in pipelines.) If not, then Kenny's right - this
>is a bad way to handle this sort of task.

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