join a range of lines using awk/sed 
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 join a range of lines using awk/sed

Subject: Re: join a range of lines using awk/sed
Keywords: awk, sed
Date: 22 Sep 92 21:30:40 GMT

>       awk:
>               /A:/,/B:/ {
>                       gsub("\n", "")
>                       print
>               }

If the IRS is newline, you cannot use gsub to strip the newline because
is not there, that is, $0 does not contain a newline. If ORS is newline,
then the newlines are added by print. Use printf to control when
newlines are
added, as in

/A:/,/B:/ { if( $0 ~ /B:/ ) printf( "\n%s\n", $0 );
            else printf( "%s ", $0 );


{ print; # this prints the lines that do not match above }

Hope that helps.

Sun, 16 Feb 2003 21:12:14 GMT  
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