Seeking an AWK Homepage webmaster 
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 Seeking an AWK Homepage webmaster

I am looking for a volunteer webmaster to set up a "home page" for the
awk language.  I have some initial ideas, and a domain already registered,
but completely lack the time to actually do anything about it.

So, I'm looking for someone who is willing and able to set up a web site,
*maintain it* for the long term, and work with me.  I expect that once
it's in place, it'd be a rather low overhead actitivity for the long term.

If you're interested, please drop me a note.

If there are multiple respondants, perhaps a committee can be formed
to divide up the labor.



P.O. Box 354            Home Phone: +972  8 979-0381    Fax: +1 928 569 9018
Nof Ayalon              Cell Phone: +972 51  297-545
D.N. Shimshon 99785     ISRAEL

Thu, 20 Oct 2005 18:08:25 GMT  
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