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 Newbie question

OK, I'm new to awk and I'm trying to figure something out. This should be fairly simple. I'm
trying to get a script to ping various elements of the network that I work on and make sort
of a primative moving average. What I have so far is this:


DEATH=`(ping -c 6 | grep round-trip | awk -f /home/noc/chris/pingseperator)`

echo "Deathstar:        $DEATH2 ms ($DEATH ms)" `awk print { sum = $DEATH2 - $DEATH }`" ms"

> ~/web-pages/info/death.out

The awk element of this is not working. All that I want it to do is subtract (since bash
can't handle the decimal value. Any assistance would be greatly appriciated.

Chris Hawkins

"No matter where you go...

                ...There you are."

                Buckaroo Banzai

Sun, 21 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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