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 Top Search Engine Listing Guide

Date: 10/23/97

To: "All web page owners"

To whom it may concern,

DISCOVER The Most Powerful & PROVEN Strategies that
Really Work To Place You At The Top of the Search Engines!

If you have a web page, or site, that can't be found at the top of the
search engines then this will be the most important information you
will ever read. You are about to Discover the most Powerful Strategies
used only by the very best on the Web... Strategies so Powerful that
once used will place your Web Page or site at the TOP 10 - 20 search
engine listings.

These TOP SECRET strategies will provide you with a cutting edge
advantage over your competition and give you the long awaited results
you have been looking for. Just Imagine, opening a Floodgate of People
into your Home Page because you have the right information. It doesn't
matter if you have one page or 1000 pages you can achieve a top rating
with this powerful information and soon squash your competitors!

Here is what you'll receive!

This in-depth report covers:

The best kept secret to getting you a top 10 - 20 listing!
The 10 top keywords searched for! How to get people to go to your site
first even if they see your competition! The most powerful
words used to create the best Web Pages! A Web tool used to
market successfully in the Newsgroups!

Also, you'll get over 250 Money Making Reports written by pros. with
Complete Reprint & Resell Rights!!!

That's right!!!... You'll have a complete Reprint & Resell Rights of over 250
money making reports so you too can earn BIG Money ! I'll even show you
how to market these reports using our secret Search Engine information!
Think about it. Not only am I going to reveal the best information you will
probably ever lay your eyes on... I'm going to let you market it as well!

This in-depth report, is normally US$59.95... However, if you order right now...
I'll include ABSOLUTELY FREE... OVER 1000 Links to Search Engines and
Directories and over 220 International ones where you can advertise your web site  and
let you have it all for JUST US$29.95! This INVALUABLE information alone
is worth the asking price, and YES!... you'll have complete reprint and resell rights
to over 250 Money Making Reports!!! (a suggested value of at least $15.00 each.)

you think 5, 10 or 20 a day is possible?...YOU BET IT IS! I won't even

Don't delay...this Extraordinary and Valuable Information can be yours
today for ONLY $29.95 (US FUNDS). Why Wait...Order Right Now!

Order Form Below - Fax Orders to (704)483-9977


Use our (Secure) online order form at:

Your Order will be E-mailed within 48hrs

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Search Engines Department
P. O. Box 465
Denver, NC 28037

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