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I have a script I am writing and after further investigation I found
my problem with my awk command is the file has not been generated yet.
 I want to be able to tar a file to a diskette but in the process I
have awk checking to ensure the diskette is not write protected. thus
the use of the awk command.  that part of the process is not a problem
what the problem is that if the disk is okay I want the tar command to
continue with the file name that has been generated by the script.
problem I am having is awk is trying to open the file.  I don't want
it to open the file I want it to pass the file name on to the rest of
the strcat command so tar can generate the file on disk.  Is awk able
to do this or does awk only work with files that are already in

Wed, 11 Feb 2004 01:57:39 GMT  
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