Newbie question: how to learn (N)AWK 
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 Newbie question: how to learn (N)AWK


> Hello to you all,

> as an UNIX newbie I try to learn the AWK programming language. I've
> got this book with all comands, but I think examples might help also.
> Can someone advise me where to find these examples on the Web, or can
> someone advise me on a good book.

> Thanks a lot

> Ruud

Get "The AWK Programming Language", but Kernigan, Aho and Weinberger.  
It's a thin, but dense little book.  Barnes and Noble can order it for
you.  That book has tons of great examples.  In fact, the beginning is
nothing BUT "here are some great little one-liner programs".

One of the best {*filter*} things you can do with awk is strip off a column
of data in a file, do some {*filter*} math, and get new output.  For
example, if you have a large data with angle data in it, in radians, and
want it in degrees, you can do

cat radians.dat | awk '{print $1/3.14159*180,$2/3.14159*180}' >

where $1 is the first column, $2 is the second, etc.  Separate with

Dan Stephenson

(Remove the nospam from my email address before replying with email.)

Sun, 18 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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