Cals Begin and End Balance 
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 Cals Begin and End Balance

Hozit guys
Suppose I have a file consisting of a beggining balance and withdraws and

Jones 1000.00 w 200.00 w 100.00 d 500.00
Smith 5000.00 w 3000.00 d 300.00 w 1000.00
Taylor 3000.00 d 3000.00 w 2500.00

I use this script to calculate the beginning and ending balance for each

{print $1, "Beginning Balance Is ", $2
i=3; balance = $2
while (i <= NF) {
balance = ( ($i =="w") ? balance - $(i+1) : balance +$(i+1))


print $1, "Ending Balance is ", balance}

Howerver I do not now how to put in error control coz if d is any other word
then the program classifies it as a debit.  Maybe multiple if and else
statements will do the trick ??

Wed, 23 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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