Increment field? 
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 Increment field?

AWK can never change the original file directly.  You must output
the modified file and rename the modified file such as:

gawk -v idtag=$current_id '/idtag/{ $2 += 1 }{ print }' datafile.txt


delete datafile.txt
rename datafile.tmp datafile.txt

> Hi all,

> Many thanks for the answers to my last question.  Here's another
> no-brainer I can't seem to find in the FAQ or man page.

> How do I increment the value of a field?

> I was hoping

> gawk -v idtag=$current_id '/idtag/{ $2 += 1 }' ./datafile.txt

> would do it.

> _UNIX in a nutshell_ says awk can "use variables to change the
> database" but all the examples seem to involve printing out things.

> TIA,

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