GAWK 3.1 - problem with extensions and loading the adump function. 
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 GAWK 3.1 - problem with extensions and loading the adump function.

Looking through the GAWK source code, I found a function "adump" that dumps
out an array.  However, by default, this function is not enabled.  If you
compile with -DARRAYDEBUG turned on, then the following program works:

         ./gawk 'BEGIN { adump(PROCINFO) }'

However, it occurred to me that it ought to be possible to turn adump on
via an extension() function (i.e., a shared lib), since both of the
functions that actually make up the adump function are compiled in
(regardless of the status of the ARRAYDEBUG symbol).

It seems that the following out to work:

% cat adump.c
#include "awk.h"

/* dlload --- load new builtins in this library */

dlload(tree, dl)
NODE *tree;
void *dl;
        make_builtin("adump", do_adump, 1);
        return tmp_number((AWKNUM) 0);


% cat adump.awk
    print "Finished adding extension"

% gawk -f !$
gawk -f adump.awk
Finished adding extension
gawk: ext.c:130: fatal error: internal error

Note that the version of gawk that I am using above was *not* compiled
with ARRAYDEBUG defined, so, by default, adump is an undefined function.

Any ideas?

Thu, 01 Jan 2004 06:08:22 GMT  
 GAWK 3.1 - problem with extensions and loading the adump function.
At a guess I'd say that the make_builtin function assumes that the
arguments to the new builtin would be scalars, not arrays.


Fri, 02 Jan 2004 09:03:21 GMT  
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