Networking in 3.1.0 
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 Networking in 3.1.0

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My name is Mike and I'm an Awkaholic.


First, thanks to Senior Robbins and the long list of contributors who
have made 3.1.0 possible. What an exciting product this is.

In my case, writing gawk scripts now substitutes for what was once a

The networking subsystem is just fabulous. In the very near future I am
going to contribute a slew of networking scripts to this newsgroup and
for consideration for inclusion in the gawk package.

I am currently using gawk scripts to perform many of the the functions
for which I previously used ftp and telnet. I mean, sometimes you simply
want to treat your lan like one big PC and copy files and execute
programs remotely without all this logging-in and out. Sometimes
security just gets in the way.

I find the networking syntax reminiscent of the Plan 9 mindset. Bravo.

"mobile agent" thing is waaaaay cool. As someone involved in remote
administration, I say: doo wah diddy.

Keep up the splendid work. Awk Programmers indeed smell sweeter than
Perl Programmers. Ask any Tart.

Mike Warner
Director, NOS Research
V6 Technologies

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Sun, 30 Nov 2003 13:00:02 GMT  
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