Window's 2000 Global Find and Replace Solution using awk 
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 Window's 2000 Global Find and Replace Solution using awk


Thanks you all for the help.  The following lines will perform a global find
and replace under Windows 2000 using the Windows "for", "findstr", "del" and
"rename" commands and "awk" in a batch file.

findstr /m /c:%1 %3 > temp-.txt
for /F %%f in (temp-.txt) do awk '{ gsub(%1,%2); print }' %%f > temp-%%f
for /F %%f in (temp-.txt) do del %%f
for /F %%f in (temp-.txt) do rename temp-%%f %%f
del temp-.txt

The %1, %2 and %3 are command line substitution variables which is the way
Windows 2000 deals with command line arguments.

Line 1 is the Windows equivalent of grep. The /m prints only the file name
if a file contains a match. The /c: option uses the specified text as a
literal search string. The > redirects the output thus creating a text file
"temp-.txt" which contains the list of files in which the specified text was

Line 2 uses the Windows for command to invoke awk and create new files with
the replaced text.

Line 3 uses the for command to delete the old files.

Line 4 renames the new files to the old file names

Line 5 deletes the temp-.txt file.

Thus if the batch file gfar.bat (Global Find And Replace.bat) contains the
above lines of code you would enter the global find and replace command at
the command prompt as follows.

gfar "string to replace" "new string" file(s)

For example to replace the word Big with the word Small in all text files
that contain the word Big you would enter the gfar.bat command as follows:

gfar "Big" "Small" *.txt


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