GAWK 2.15.6 for Windows NT/95, DOS32 
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 GAWK 2.15.6 for Windows NT/95, DOS32

I have uploaded my port of GAWK 2.15.6 (for WinNT/95 and DOS32) to  The files are ''
and 'gawkdw32.txt'.  The .zip file includes executables for WinNT/95 and
32-bit DOS under dos4gw.  The modified source files are also included.
(Note that the executables are optimized for the Pentium with max speed bias).

Please read the 'readme' file for instructions on compiling gawk with
the modified source files.  

Leonard Theivendra
IBM Toronto Software lab

Wed, 18 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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