2 questions from book sed and awk programming 
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 2 questions from book sed and awk programming

I have two questions from Sed and Awk programming from chapter 12 page 416,
which I cannot find the answers to.

1) Try a couple of questions that tests when rvalues or lvalues are used in
the increment and decrement operators?

2) When do you think that the $0 is reconstructed with the following
increment operation?

i = 6
$(i++); print $7, NF

When $(i++) is evaluated or when you print $7, NF or it is not reconstructed
at all ????
I f the input file has 10 lines, then i will be ten greater than its initial
value of 6.  Will NF be 10 + 6 after the program ends?  Will $0 be
reconstructed 10 times?  Write a test program that tests these questions.

Thanks in advance dudes

Sat, 19 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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