RS question (compatibility?) 
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 RS question (compatibility?)

a finger command returns as follows:

          name: deJager, Nicholas A.

    curriculum: Computer Science
       address: Wadsworth Hall 0533E
          city: Houghton
         state: MI
           zip: 49931-1196
         phone: 483-7352
     home_town: Maplewood, MN
        status: Undergraduate, Enrolled Student
classification: Student
          name: Jensen, Nicholas M.
<more records above and below>

why does


truncate to the hyphen in the phone number:
            name: Jensen, Nicholas M.

             zip: 49930
           phone: (906) 482

whereas the exact same line with `gawk' returns what I expect, the whole

I am guessing the One True Awk doesn't support multicharacter RS, but I
guess I'd like confirmation before I decide that's right...

thanks much for any help.
Colin DeVilbiss

Sun, 04 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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