Help: convert character to ASCII code? 
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 Help: convert character to ASCII code?

 >My problem is, as the title said, how to convert a character to
 >its corresponding ASCII code.  For example, suppose that I got a
 >character "A", how can I get its ASCII code, 65?  I only know how
 >to do the reverse( sprintf("%c", 65) ), so if there's a way to do
 >this, please share the knowledge.  Thanks in advance.

            all=all sprintf("%c",i)

        print index(all,substr($0,1,1))


Version dependancies:  sprintf() is not in older awks, but then you mentioned
yours had it... very old awks do not have index(), and indeed it is not
named in my man page (although it seems to have it anyway).  SGI's "nawk"
has both, and that is what I used to test the above. Your results may vary.



Sun, 12 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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