sed/awk script to format a file?? 
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 sed/awk script to format a file??

Using gawk:

set the record separator to be , and the field separator to be :

Then for each record with no /^"sortname:/
gsub all the "s to nothing, and printf two
strings, $1 concatted with the : right-padded and $2.

You're only in problemsville if you want to preserve any :s or "s.



>Can someone give me an example of a script in sed/awk that would format
>this type of text file:

>"sortname: Anderman","Name: Tere J. Anderman","Title: Senior Secretary,
>Member Relations and Communications","Division: Member Relations and
>Communications","Phone: 312/XXX-XXXX","Fax: 312-XXX-XXXX","Email:

>"sortname: Arca","Name: Anna Arca","Title: Administrative Aide, Contract
>and License Management","Division: Legal and Contract Services","Phone:

>TO this output:

>Name:     Tere J. Anderman
>Title:    Senior Secretary Member Relations.....
>Division: Member Relations......
>Phone:    XXX/XXX-XXXX
>Fax:      XXX-XXX-XXXX

>Any help is greatly appreciated.


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