Novice needs help with running a script through a pipe 
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 Novice needs help with running a script through a pipe

I'm making a simple script to just add 2 numbers, but then that number
needs to be piped back and added to another number.  I thought that I
could use getline, but thats where I'm recieving an error.  Rather
than try to explain, here is my code.

#called add2
nawk 'BEGIN \
 if (ARGC==3)
  printf "%d\n",solution
 else if (ARGC==2)
  getline numb
  printf "%d",solution

}' $*

Problem: add2 2 3|add2 4

Should get 9, but I recieve an error at getline, can anyone help me
with a command on how to do this?


Fri, 10 Sep 2004 15:15:00 GMT  
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