DJGPP gawk and Windows 2000 
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 DJGPP gawk and Windows 2000

You may recall problems being discussed in this newsgroup a few weeks
ago for the above combination and invocation of the system() function in
gawk from an "MSDOS" command line window.

After discussion in the DJGPP news group part of the problem was
narrowed down to the way that W2K and WinNT4 handle the COMSPEC variable
when running in an "MSDOS" command line window.  Even if this variable
is explicitly set to refer to cmd.exe under W2K the M$ system, such as
it is, uses as the command processor.

This would not, of itself, cause the problems that GC and I were
experiencing, but I discovered eventually that the as
supplied with W2K, Sp1 and Sp2 contains a bug that would have caused
this problem.  The resolution is to install Sp3 which has a corrected

Peter S Tillier
"Who needs perl when you can write dc, sokoban
and an unlambda interpreter in sed?"

Wed, 07 Sep 2005 22:48:53 GMT  
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