problems escaping chars 
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 problems escaping chars


>I have a file with two columns and want output like this:

>TEXT 'COL1' text = COL2

>So I have:

>awk '{print "TEXT \'" $1 "' text = " $2}' file > file.out

>which gives:

>TEXT \ text = COL2

>I have verified that $1 is acutally a value, and numerous other things
>tell me that the problem is with my method of escpaing.  I need the '
>in  there.  Escaping the second one gives me an error, as does putting
>spaces in between the single and double quotes.  What am I doing wrong?

>Thanks very much.

Try setting up some string constants to use them in your program that
represent the characters
I use them as constants instead of as the escaped character directly because
it's easier to remember what the code is


So in your code, this would be:

awk 'BEGIN {SING_QUOTE="\047"} {print "TEXT " SING_QUOTE $1 SING_QUOTE "
text = " $2}' file > file.out

or to avoid using constants, try:

awk '{print "TEXT \047" $1 "\047 text = " $2}' file > file.out

Not tested in this code, but I've used this before and it worked.


Sun, 01 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 problems escaping chars


>awk '{print "TEXT \047" $1 "\047 text = " $2}' file > file.out

Concatenating multiple strings isn't efficient since concatenation is a
binary operation. In the example above awk would perform 3 separate
concatenations. Using printf is more efficient for combining multiple
strings. Try

awk '{ printf("TEXT %c%s%c text = %s\n", 047, $1, 047, $2) }' file >

Sun, 01 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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