HELP: Allocating 64k memory blocks 
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 HELP: Allocating 64k memory blocks

I'm using Turbo Assembler (latest version) to program some
graphics routines, and ran up against a problem.  

How can I allocate a 64000 byte chunk of memory that starts on a
segment boundary (I figure all blocks should, but just in
case...)?  I'm looking for something equivalent to the following
in C:

   pointer = malloc(64000);

Any suggestions?  I'm not certain that this is the right group,
but it's the closest thing I could find, so...  Please e-mail any
replies.  Thanks.

  "The meek shall inherit the earth...   Fortunately, the rest of
us will upgrade to the new version, which is supposed to come out
later this year."

Tue, 06 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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