ASSIST: is anybody out there still using this? 
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 ASSIST: is anybody out there still using this?

Well, well...  We haven't spoken in quite a few years, John, but
ASSIST is alive and well and in use at Northern Illinois University.
How long this will continue is anyone's guess, but it's just right for
our first course in assembler programming.  We even use the
Replacement feature in the first assignment in our course in Data

ASSIST's 370-based architecture isn't appropriate for anything much
beyond the first course, but for that it serves admirably well.  The
BC mode PSW is just about the only feature we would update if only the
text was also being changed.

IBM currently has a Universities Program within the S/390 Division.
They have sponsored summer programs at NIU over the past few years, in
which NIU does some "pedagogy transfer" to visiting faculty.  One of
the things we provide them is ASSIST (Penn State gave up the copyright
a couple of years ago);  let's hope no one from a university in the
PRC discovers your name in the source!

ASSIST has (apparently) survived Y2K without any Y2K-specific updates,
so you did a lot right, John.  Thanks for providing such a good tool!

Michael Stack

>ASSIST was an old S/360 assembler/interpreter for students that I wrote at
>Penn tate, first used in 1969. In weeding out journals,  I ran across a 1973 article, and I wondered if anybody were still using this.  I did find ~2-year-old Web pages at universities mentioning it ...
>but if it's still in use, that will make 30+ years ... which just goes to show that some code lasts a very long time ... and that yoiu should never, ever,
>leave your name in the code, or you'll get calls forever
>[I haven't had anything to do with this since 1973].

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