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Re the current discussion on comments:
    IMHO, the extra character is one more piece of junk for the
eye to pass over, and I prefer to omit it.
    However, for those who have not had much experience with
macros, I might mention that at least the older assemblers
always push the comments left in macros so they are just one
space to the right of the last operand character, thus making
a very raggedy line of comments in the macro expansion.  The
cure for this is to put a comma or other character one column
beyond the operand field, then align the rest of the comment
as usual, like this:
          L    R,X ,           The commas force these comments
          ST   R,JKL ,         to stay lined up
    Note that in this case the commas themselves are NOT
aligned, unlike the examples given by the other writers.

Mon, 16 Aug 1993 00:58:24 GMT  
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