Coding Standards/Style Guide Wanted 
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 Coding Standards/Style Guide Wanted

We're in the process of defining Coding Standards for Ada, Pascal, fortran, C
and Assembler. We've been fortunate with Ada and C, since there are published
standards and coding style guides that we could adapt for our purposes. It is
more difficult with Pascal, FORTRAN, and Assembler since there are so many
dialects. We decided to use the ANSI standard definition of each language, and
write our standards without the commonly-used language extensions. For example,
we had to omit the "!" end of line comment delimiter in FORTRAN since it's an
extension to the language.

Is anyone aware of coding standards or style guides for FORTRAN, Pascal, or
Assembler? Please reply via this news group rather than direct mail.


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Tue, 04 Jan 1994 20:54:00 GMT  
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