S/36, "obsolescence" 
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 S/36, "obsolescence"

Per Linda Quinn's post...

> I tend to think that if a shop is still using a System36, they are
> likey to be CHEAP.  They are not the people I would expect to pay good
> money to fix their problems.  If they were concerned with avoiding
> obsolesence they would have replaced those machines several years ago.

I take strong exception to this post.

If a company has a computer, be it the latest S/390 or an early prototype
1401, and it's doing the job, then why the heck should the company replace

Computers are expensive.  Computer conversion is very expensive to a company
due to downtime, installation costs, conversion, and retraining.

What is "obsolesence"?  I have a rotary dial phone on my kitchen wall.  It
does the job, so I leave it alone, although touch-tone phones have
replaced it.  For the phone I use for outgoing calls, I have touch tone
and a speed dialer.

In any event, IBM  STILL makes a S/36 machine using latest technology parts.

Now, regarding the issue of working for such an organization:  Having an
older computer in itself is meaningless as to the financial health,
or progressiveness of a firm.  If you're thinking of working for such a
company, you have to evaluate whether the position is in line with your
future goals.  If your interest is short term, then all you want to know
is the money.  If your interest is long term, such a company may be an
excellent opportunity--maybe they do want to modernize and are looking for
a leader to take them forward.

When I got out of college in 1976, I joined a company that had a S/360-40
and heavy 1401 autocoder emulation.  Technologically obsolete at that time
(though plenty of companies were the same.)  For a variety of reasons, for
me, it was an excellent first job, I learned quite a bit.  I know people
who went to work for "modern" companies, and they sat in the corner for
their first year doing very boring documentation.

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