change TOD clock with set and store clock 
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 change TOD clock with set and store clock

We have two times a year a little problem with
our VM (IBM 9375).
The time change in germany two times in a year.
First we lost one hour and second we win one hour.
When we lost or win a hour we have to change the
TOD clock of the VM.
Everytime the time changed we made a startup after
an shutdown to change the TOD clock.
But I don't like this way.
I found in the book IBM System/370 Principles of
Operations two instructions:
store clock and
set clock

I think it must be easy to:
1: get the current time
2: Add or Sub from this one hour
3: set the clock with that new time

Now I got a warning from a friend by doing that.
He means that changing the time by assembler programming
is dangerous. But he can not tell me why.

Does somebody did it before ? Did you had problems ?
What kind of ?    

Thank you very much Claus Neubronner

Send answers direct to my email-adress

Tue, 02 Apr 1996 18:30:05 GMT  
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