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 TPF Assembler to TPF C

Just last week I went for C took only 5 days...I am just
a kid in the field of TPF...i didn't have any problem getting familier
to C, especially the pointer and structure stuff which most people cry
So, what I want to ask is why is that you people make such an issue of
C when, there isn't anything more challenging in C compared to TPF.
I might be a little possesive about TPF, but I feel C is just another
kids play. Pointers are syntax sensitive and all you got to do is get
your syntax right, b'coz you'll always know what to do with it but it's
syntax that is going to take you there....

well, let me knnow if I am wrong...

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Wed, 19 Feb 2003 00:01:59 GMT  
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