points of reference? 
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 points of reference?

i just bought a couple of books at the Goodwill store about COBOL and
Assembler for the system /360 and 370.
I paged through, and they don't look like anything i've ever seen. But i'd
like to learn more.
Sorry, this isn't a request for help on a problem i'm having, so much as a
request for a respectable amount of information on this subject that i can
reference.  Or isn't there any? Running a search engine, this ng is the
closest thing i came to anything remotely informative.


Thu, 19 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 points of reference?
You may, if nothing else have stumbled upon a couple of collector's items.
By and large, everything you are reading in those two books will still run
on the latest and greatest versions of the operating system they're intended
(You did not indicate *which* operating system they are targeting; and I'm
guessing that the same capability exists for the VSE environment. Post again
with the exact title, then this question can be answered.)

The manuals you found, do the titles contains either of these two words:
"Reference," or "Guide?" If reference, they are not tutorials and presume a
certain amount of subject knowledge before you start using them. If "guide,"
however, then they are usually pretty good starting points as well. (Of
having an inkling how business data processing works behind the scenes helps
a little as well. That kind of knowledge is a little bit more in depth than
sitting in front of a cathode ray tube and surfing the web or playing "Duke

Good luck, anyway. Once you grasp enough knowledge to be dangerous (-; post
away with specific questions...


PS: Another fine usenet group with which to glean possible information in
light would be alt.folklore.computers - A lot of 360/370 old timers hang
there as

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