Call a REXX Exec and have it Address the calling program 
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 Call a REXX Exec and have it Address the calling program

Looks like my first message didn't arrive to destination, so:
I'm looking for some routines in any language, Asm or higher, that will
create a public REXX port so that a rexx exec called from the program
can then issue commands back to the program by addressing it with
rexx address, somehow like PIPE and XEDIT do, you see?
I plan to use this from C primarily - but that't not definitive.
I would be glad if anyone sent me something similar to what I want,
I guess I can't ask for more, thank you very much.

Sun, 21 Feb 1993 05:22:31 GMT  
 Call a REXX Exec and have it Address the calling program
The SAS C Compiler offers all functions you need as library functions,
no assembler programming is needed. May be you want to take at look at it.
Rainer Perske

Universitaetsrechenzentrum der Westfaelischen Wilhelms-Universitaet
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Sun, 21 Feb 1993 05:27:35 GMT  
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