TOD clock and the year 2043 
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 TOD clock and the year 2043

>Does anyone have a set of Assembler routines that convert from a
>TOD clock value to a date and time?

It is probably overkill for your application, but I'm sending you an assembler
subroutine for date/time formatting.  (It breaks at 2043 and I don't care :-)
You give it a text string argument like

Good <part>, it is <hh,z>:<mm> <am> on <day>, <Month> <dd,z><th>, <year>.

and it returns something like

Good afternoon, it is 1:13 pm on Tuesday, December 19th, 1989.

Most of the subroutine's code deals with fracturing the TOD clock value.


Wed, 19 May 1993 19:47:00 GMT  
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