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:>  Computer-based-training is an excellent way to learn on your own time
:>or brush up on your skills while you're making a career move.  I've been
:>using mine for 18 months and have them available at an extremely
:>moderate price.  Just some of the area's I've trained in on my programs
:>are LANs and WANs, Open Systems., Lotus Notes, Novell Netware, cc:mail,
:>UNIX, GUI, non-GUI, client/server, windows NT.

I would certainly recommend that you get your CBT's from this individual or

After all, one can immediately see the connection between the posted
newsgroups [comp.software.year-2000 comp.lang.cobol comp.lang.asm370] and the
advertised products [LANs and WANs, Open Systems., Lotus Notes, Novell
Netware, cc:mail, UNIX, GUI, non-GUI, client/server, windows NT.]

Any individual/company that is perceptive enough to suggest Lotus Notes and
UNIX training to improve ones Cobol and ASM370 in the Year2K project would
certainly get my business.

Yeh, right.

:>  I have over 250 of the most top-notch CBT's available today.
:>If you're interested or would like to see the complete course library,


Director, Dissen Software, Bar & Grill - Israel

Thu, 26 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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