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 type of terminal

On Wed, 13 Feb 91 20:46:36 MEZ Martin Ahlborn said:

>How can I easily test if a terminal is a typewriter terminal or not ~

The method depends upon under which operating system you are running.  I note
that DBSTU1 runs VM/XA SP 2.1.  The preferred way under VM/XA is to use
Diagnose X'210'.  However, if your program has to be compatible with releases
of VM/SP with or without HPO, you can use Diagnose X'24'.  The specifications
of how to code these instructions can be found in the CP Programming Services
manual.  In either case, the values of fields VDEVTYPC, VDEVTYPE, RDEVTYPC,
and RDEVTYPE returned by the Diagnose are what you are looking for.

- Lawrence

Mon, 02 Aug 1993 14:58:14 GMT  
 type of terminal
Under TSO I use the GTSIZE macro, which returns the terminal's screen and
line sizes. For a typewriter terminal, the screen size will be 0.

General Motors Research Labs

Tue, 03 Aug 1993 01:56:17 GMT  
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